The company

”Euroterminal Sławków” Ltd was established in 2010 on the basis of CZH S.A. in Katowice and its Department Euroterminal in Slawków operating since 2004.
"Euroterminal in Slawkow" Ltd is a logistics terminal situated at the junction of the Western-most section of broad-gauge (1,520 mm) railway line and European standard-gauge (1,435 mm) railway line, due to perfetcly fits into the development of containers transport between the Far East/Asia and Western Europe.

Presentation of our company


The Euroterminal is also located at the intersection of Pan-European Transport Corridors, connecting the East with the West (the Pan-European Transport Corridor III) and the North with the South (the Pan-European Transport Corridor VI) of our continent.


The terminal is situated on the outskirts of the Silesian Agglomeration whose unique location gives it access to the region’s main transport routes, both in terms of road and rail transport. 


We have excellent connections with Transport Network on domestic and international by:
    • Direct broad-gauge LHS connection (ca. 400 km long) through the Izow/Hrubieszow border crossing and the Ukraine to the Far East.
    • Access to railway lines indicated in the AGTC Agreement (agreement on the main combined transport lines) through connections to the following lines:
      • CE30: Zgorzelec-Wroclaw-Katowice-Cracow-Przemysl-Medyka,
      • - CE65: Gdynia-Gdansk-Warsaw-Katowice-Zebrzydowice.
    • Access to transport corridors between Europe and Asia. The location of the Euroterminal provides a convenient connection to both Pan-European Corridors (VI and III).
    • Connections with the region’s rail network.
  • ROAD CONNECTIONS – available thanks to the vicinity of the country’s main transport routes:
    • A1 Warsaw – Bielsko-Biala, distance: 8 km,
    • A4 Katowice – Cracow, distance: 10 km,
    • E40 Katowice – Cracow, distance: 5 km.
    • Cracow Balice, distance: 57 km,
    • Katowice Pyrzowice, distance: 44 km.

We supports regular intermodal connections to the Polish Baltic ports (Gdańsk,Gdynia) and Port Koper (Slovenia). In scope of cooperation with partners from Western Europe and Russia, goods in containers are transported in the East side, not only to Moscow or Kiev but also to South Korea, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan and many other markets. 

Besides the terminal service attends to intermodal transport, Euroterminal also offers handling services, security and transport of palletized goods, bulk materials, steel products and non-standard goods in direct and indirect relation (via unroofed storage, warehouses) from broad gauge wagons/European standard wagons/trucks. 

The”Euroterminal Sławków”Ltd.has at its disposala team of highly qualified specialists, as well technical and computer infrastructure which ensure sthetop quality of services provided. In order to meet the growing needs of our customers, we constantly expand the range of our services. 

In order to meet our clients’ needs we are still extending the range of our services.